Our Story

I started training martial arts for self- defense to have freedom, freedom to be who I was and freedom to go where I wanted to go- to feel safe in doing whatever I wanted in my life. And the vision of One with Heart is to provide simple, easy to learn, highly effective self defense that in a short amount of time can change peoples lives and transform them. With that skill you have a different type of confidence. 

In the pursuit of that  I trained with some incredibly great teachers. I trained with Remy Presas who was a grand master in Filipino Martial Arts, and that's where I met Mike Morton. Mike has taken and developed the Filipino martial arts and the Kuntao based on real life street experience. I'm training together with him now and he's informing all the self-defense. 

We had been doing the Shaolin weapons forms and then in 2004 I met David Tircuit, and immediately saw an extremely amazing and competent martial artist. He is an incredible teacher, I trained with him, I feel he is a colleague. He has started the Northern Shaolin Kung Fu at One with Heart and my students train both in Shaolin and in the Indonesian art of Pukulan Kuntao Silat.

Kuntao means self-defense and that is the first thing when you come into the school you're going to learn: Self-defense. And then as you continue you get more into the art of Pukulan which is beautiful with graceful flowing movements, it has whip style striking and is inspired by the four animals of monkey, tiger, crane, and snake. And it has the internal energy and ilmu/chi of the naga, or dragon.