Benefits to those who train

People who train with us love it—it's a fun, friendly, and community focused environment where students gain life skills including self-defense, positive discipline, mutual respect, self esteem, a sense of purpose, and more.

Each person's experience and contribution is different, and we welcome people from all walks of life to join us on a higher path to personal growth, encouragement of peers, and acceptance of others.

Something for everyone

At One With Heart we have classes for all age groups and all skill levels. All of our instructors are trained to create a positive and non-judging environment where students have the opportunity to learn and improve. From Little Monkeys, to Women's Self-Defense, to Advanced Kung Fu, we offer classes that cater to almost anyone.

Training like no other

One With Heart provides unique and high-level training opportunities that don't exist elsewhere. We offer both Pukulan (Indonesian Kung Fu) and Shaolin (Chinese Kung Fu) so that students can have access to the wide variety of experiences, skills, and benefits that each martial art provide.