The Talent Code, by Daniel Coyle

Have you ever said: “I just have no talent for… math, music, sports”? We often explain our shortcomings as inborn, innate, and irreversible. It is more likely that we just haven’t had enough practice, or we haven’t had the right kind of practice. The good news is, it is never too late to revisit and nurture our own abilities and to provide an environment for our children where their talents grow. With the right kind of coaching and practice, we can achieve more than we thought possible.

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Fall Fitness is Happening!

Coming in September we will introduce a new program to improve flexibility, strength and conditioning!  Megan Gaddini, One with Heart’s marketing manager and certified CrossFit trainer, is programming workouts to support our training.

Training in the animal styles requires a certain amount of flexibility and strength.  Mas Guru Agung Janesa and Megan have developed a program that is progressive and focuses on building flexibility and strength in ways specific to the movements of each of the animals.

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Megan Gaddini
When the Friendly Skies Turn Dangerous

How women are learning to protect ourselves from inflight assaults.
Is air travel on your vacation itinerary this summer? Last month I took a short trip to Boulder which involved four flights; every flight was over-sold and packed to capacity. As I sat, squished in my seat, exhausted and dozing off, I recalled reading an article about a woman who was sexually assaulted while asleep on a flight from Seattle to Amsterdam. I decided to catch up on my sleep after I returned home.

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JOURNEY TO BIG FUN: The Best of Summer in One Amazing Weekend

What is it about training outdoors in the summer that feels so great? Ancient, traditional martial arts were often trained outdoors; in the jungle, the dessert, in fields and grasslands. The spirit of training that connects us with the animals and the earth, that ties us to people who trained hundreds, even thousands of years before us, vibrates just a little stronger in nature.

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Is Portland State Doing Enough to Prevent Sexual Assault?

New Survey Says 1 in 7 Female Students Assaulted 
The results of a survey published last week in The Oregonian show approximately 14 percent of women (1 in 7), and 29 percent of transgendered students in the undergraduate program at Portland State University have experienced some form of sexual assault on or off campus.

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Never Stop Fighting

What would you do if attacked?  Kelly Herron will tell you, never stop fighting. She fought off an attacker after attending only one self-defense class. Herron learned some effective self-defense strategies in that class: hit soft targets with hard body weapons, and be loud. What saved her was her commitment to use those strategies and her determination to cause injury, and to escape.

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