Day Camps

For ages 6 – 11:

Our Kids Day Camps make school holidays and in-service days easy for parents and fun for kids! We invite your children to join us for energetic martial-arts-inspired games and Pukulan Kung Fu lessons throughout the school year. They will love taking a break from their desks and moving like monkeys, tigers, snakes, and cranes, and you will love seeing their shining faces at the end of the day. Beginners are welcome!

Day Camp Schedule

Drop-off: 8-9am  |  Pick-up: 5:30pm

Day Camp Dates for 2017-18 School Year

October 13
November 3
November 8, 9, 10
January 29
February 19
April 13 

$79 per day*

*One with Heart requires written and signed copies of detailed medical information and instructions for children with medical concerns.  Please call or email OWH Kids Program Coordinator at least one week in advance of your child’s camp date with this information.

1 week notice or before the scheduled camp:  transfer credit to another date or receive a full refund
Between 1 week and 48 hours notice: transfer credit to another date
Less than 48 hours notice: no transfer of credit, no refund

*If your child is ill the day of camp we will transfer the camp to another date.

**All of these policies apply to the Transported After School Program annual membership vouchers.

What to bring to camp:
Water bottle – no glass bottles
Comfortable clothes to move in

We do not go on field trips on school year day camps.

Day Camp
Day of Camp:
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