Teens Pukulan Kung Fu (ages 11 +)

Pukulan is a style of the Indonesian martial art known as Silat. The name Pukulan comes from the Indonesian word to strike and means “a series of blows with returning hands and feet”. Pukulan practitioners throw rapid whip style strikes out of flowing movement derived from four animal styles of monkey, tiger, crane and snake. These old traditional styles hearken back to a time when practitioners found strength in a connection with the natural world by embracing animal movements. These may be some of the oldest martial arts surviving into modern times. 

Students in the intro course focus on strength and conditioning followed by stance work and striking to pads. These are the foundations of self-defense. Kuntao training refines and builds upon this foundation, students train applied self defense moves practiced in many different scenarios. 

Intermediate students move into the Pukulan system of Silat. In this phase of training students practice  forms to instill a library of movement with applications. We also introduce the animal styles of monkey, tiger, cranes and snake each having it's own characteristic movement and attitude.  In more advanced training the practitioners  integrate the physical and mental techniques in free flow fighting.

This course is for adults and teens age 11 and up.
3 weeks of training. 9 sessions on Monday and Wednesday evenings 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. and Saturday mornings 11 - 12pm


Intro to Teens Pukulan
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