When did you begin training?

I used to compete for USA Boxing. After a serious injury to my left arm and elbow joint, my boxing coach recommended that I train internal martial arts for strength and mobility.  I trained Tai Chi Chuan and I Chuan for a few years while continuing to coach and teach boxing classes.  I also trained Pukulan and earned my 2nd degree black belt.  During that time I met David Tircuit, who gave me the opportunity to embark on a new level of training in the Chinese Martial Arts and continue that practice today. 

What inspires you to keep training?

The Internal Martial Arts are complex and take a lot of independent practice and introspection. Every concept learned and understood opens layer upon layer of more subtle aspects of the concept. It is a lifelong journey of self discovery and improvement and is both a mental and physical exercise. I also love the Northern Shaolin forms for their stances, power of movement, and physical conditioning. 

Megan GaddiniAdalia