Little Monkey's Instructor

Before moving to Portland in 1998, Suzy was a preschool teacher in Chicago. She now loves teaching in our Little Monkeys program which she describes as a natural fit for her. After all, it’s “totally Kung-Fu preschool!” Like many practitioners, Suzy was introduced to Pukulan by her daughter who started training as a three-year-old Little Monkey.

What’s your favorite sports team?

I might not have a favorite sports team, but my favorite local bands are Everyday Prophets, Chervona, and Outpost. I love music, and have been performing with various reggae & ska bands in Portland for years.

Where might we find you on a sunny weekend day?

I like to take in Portland’s farmers’ markets and coffee shops, but on a sunny day you might find me walking around Laurelhurst Park or Mount Tabor with my awesome daughter, Shayla.