Escrima Instructor

Mike Morton has trained martial arts and boxing since the age of 12. He has a wealth of experience including training in Kempo, Bushidokan, Modern Arnis, Combat Escrima, Muay Thai and Brazilian Jujitsu.

Mike earned a black belt in Bushidokan under Jim Harrison, world renowned martial artist and founder of Bushidokan.  In 1974 he began point karate competition under black belt and former world rated middle-weight kickboxer Steve Mackey. Mike earned his 4th degree black belt in Modern Arnis from Grandmaster Remey Presas, with whom he maintained a close relationship until Presas’ death in 2001. He has a teaching certificate in Combat Escrima from Grandmaster and founder Rene Latosa.

Mike served as a police officer and defensive tactics trainer for 19 years. He has trained hundreds of police officers, military and martial arts students. His personal combative system Escrima Libre (freestyle escrima) is a mixture of his martial arts training in both weapons and empty hand and 19 years on the street as a police officer in real time self-defense situations. It is fast, fun and challenging. 


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