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All Adult And Teen Classes 


Pukulan Kung Fu

Find out if Martial Arts training is right for you in our Intro to Pukulan Program. This 3 week course teaches you fundamentals of practical self-defense and sets the stage for ongoing training with basic striking, stances, footwork and conditioning. Learn how martial art training works, get some basic self-defense tools and be ready for the next step.



Teens Pukulan Kung Fu

The Intro to Pukulan Kung Fu is a 3-week course that teaches the foundations of self-defense. You will learn basic stances and strikes while focusing on strength and conditioning.



Women’s Self-Defense

Connect to your strength and have it reflected in everything you do. Learn to trust your awareness, assess situations rapidly, and act on your own behalf. You will learn to recognize and respond to threatening behavior with strong, assertive body language and verbal self-defense skills. This positive and supportive self-defense workshop is designed for women and girls in high school and older.

We have a 4-hour self-defense workshop or a 3-week intro to choose from.



Shaolin Kung Fu

Shaolin Kung Fu combines conditioning, stance training, and independent practice. The foundational training these forms provide builds strength, flexibility, and coordination. Intermediate forms refine techniques and provide further diversity of movement. The internal training focuses on developing energy circulation throughout the body, strengthening the internal organs, developing sensitivity, and concentrating power for martial application.

The class is geared towards intermediate and advanced level Northern Shaolin Chinese Martial Arts forms.



Escrima Filipino Sticks

This series covers the basics of Escrima dynamic footwork, single stick ‘box blocks’ and combination striking as well as double stick sinawalis and striking patterns. It emphasizes an efficiency in combat applications that makes it excellent self-defense practice.

Escrima Filipino Sticks is not a stand-alone class and is offered to current Pukulan Kung Fu members.