Staff Profile: Mas Johnathan

Mas Jonathan

Meet Mas Jonathan Sackett:

I am instructing in the Transported After School Pukulan Program (TASPP) for the sixth year this year!

In my twenty two years of training Pukulan Indonesian Martial Arts, starting after several of our five children and my wife started training, I never tire of watching the growth that occurs to all who involve themselves in the exploration of their capacities in this training. I am now enjoying watching two grandchildren begin their own training.

My own training has been key to my keeping fit and moving and I cannot imagine where I would have found a more positive, supportive and diverse community to continue my own growth in this art.

Instructing in TASPP is yet another way to practice essential elements of Poekoelan Indonesian Martial Arts; respect for individuals and their own individual particulars, creating a group setting where individuals can experience their positive relationship to their teammates and larger community, and making a place where each student can find joy in their own incremental accomplishment.

I am looking forward to connecting family faces to all the new to TASPP students, so please introduce yourselves, maybe even re- introduce yourselves, as you come to pick up your student.