Staff Spotlight: Keeley Love

Keeley Love

Keeley Love greets many of our customers and staff from the front desk at our Hawthorne school. She is originally from Columbia Falls, MT. She found her way to Portland after living in several other cities during her lifelong career as a professional ballerina. She has also trained with several renowned European choreographers, giving her experience in contemporary ballet as well. Her diverse background in dance of all forms, as well as her natural kinesthetic tendencies, very much makes her appreciate the beautiful form of Poekoelan. 

She has danced with multiple companies here in Portland, as well as taught in many schools.  Having directed a children’s program at one of the larger ballet schools in town, One with Heart’s atmosphere is comfortable and familiar for her. She enjoys interacting with students as well as parents, and loves watching their progression in classes.   She is currentlyOne with Heart’s Sales Manager.  If she’s not behind the desk at One with Heart or in the dance studio, you will find Keeley outside most likely- at the river, skateboarding, biking, hiking, or her favorite, surfing in the ocean.