Student Profile: Mas Saiming

Written by her mother, Rachel

Sai started training as a third grader, and watching her in those early days, I knew Poekoelan was a perfect fit. With endless energy, and a knack for following along what was being taught, she quickly developed a strong sense of accomplishment as she mastered some of those early skills. Little did she know that my goal for her was to focus some of that boundless energy and have her develop her attention span through movement. My hunch being that Poekoelan training might help her focus in school. And sending a daughter out into the world who knows how to take care of herself, that seemed like an important gift to give as well.

Though that was the initial plan, I think she has gained so much more from Poekoelan than I could have anticipated. Now, as a black belt, it has been really fascinating to see what she takes from training now. Though it remains physically challenging and engaging, as there are countless things to learn, I think what she benefits from the most, is being part of this amazing community. I don’t think there are enough opportunities for teens like this, to develop their own skills alongside their peers, but also with adults and much younger students. Maybe it is a confidence and sense of self that develops by training alongside so many different people who have come to Poekoelan for a myriad of reasons. I think training here has fostered her desire to excel but also to just be herself, which for any teen is an invaluable experience that will carry over in to the rest of her life.