Never Stop Fighting

Katherine White
One with Heart Program Coordinator

What would you do if attacked?  Kelly Herron will tell you, never stop fighting. She fought off an attacker after attending only one self-defense class. Herron learned some effective self-defense strategies in that class: hit soft targets with hard body weapons, and be loud. What saved her was her commitment to use those strategies and her determination to cause injury, and to escape.

At One with Heart we offer monthly self-defense workshops to women that focus on developing exactly that mindset and determination. We teach women to target and strike with full commitment. We teach the power of voice and intention in interrupting an attack.

Herron, an avid runner training for a marathon, said that being attacked while training was her “biggest running nightmare.” Herron’s message to others: “never stop fighting or stop running.” We couldn’t agree more.

Hear Kelly Herron tell her courageous, inspiring story of survival here

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