JOURNEY TO BIG FUN: The Best of Summer in One Amazing Weekend

By, Katherine White

What is it about training outdoors in the summer that feels so great? Ancient, traditional martial arts were often trained outdoors; in the jungle, the dessert, in fields and grasslands. The spirit of training that connects us with the animals and the earth, that ties us to people who trained hundreds, even thousands of years before us, vibrates just a little stronger in nature.

When I attended Pukulan camp as a white sash, I remember training tiger in a big outdoor field. For the first time, I felt the tiger as I moved through the grass, low to the ground, fierce, silent, at once heavy and graceful.

Then, after training, that wonderful hot, dirty, sweaty summer feeling where cold water is the best thing ever. Great food, teammates to relax with and get to know better, fresh air, a cold stream to soak my feet in.  And more training!

Pukulan camp is where I discovered the pure joy of my crawl; where I first learned Set One and Lunka Empat. These memories are infused with the smell of pine trees, grass stains on my knees, and bright blue sky.

What else is BIG FUN? Water fights and goofy ‘get to know you’ games; Bantu Donna cooking popcorn on the front porch of One with Heart as the sun sets; and most everyone falling asleep while watching the movie at movie night. This August there is one weekend when everything comes together to create lasting summer memories, friendships, and the opportunity to experience the joy and fun of being martial artists:  JOURNEY TO BIG FUN – Pukulan Camp 2017, Aug. 10 – 13.