Fall Fitness is Happening!

Katherine White
One with Heart Program Coordinator

 What’s new this fall?

Coming in September we will introduce a new program to improve flexibility, strength and conditioning!  Megan Gaddini, One with Heart’s marketing manager and certified CrossFit trainer, is programming workouts to support our training.

Training in the animal styles requires a certain amount of flexibility and strength.  Mas Guru Agung Janesa and Megan have developed a program that is progressive and focuses on building flexibility and strength in ways specific to the movements of each of the animals.

Here’s how it works

We are currently doing focused animal training in Pukulan’s four-animal style. This summer we have been working white crane, and will continue our focus on crane until mid-fall. Then we will begin monkey training, followed by snake. We plan to switch the focus every three months.

At the end of class, we will do 10 – 20 minutes of fitness training designed to support the animal movement we are practicing.

  • Crane Training (September – November) – focus is on strengthening the legs, core and jumping
  • Monkey Training (December – February) – focus on strengthening the core, arms and legs
  • Snake Training (March – May) – focus on strengthening core, pulling, and full body movement

We begin this new flexibility, strength and conditioning program in mid-September for the adult and kids classes below:

Adult Classes: Intro to Pukulan, Beginning Pukulan and Open 3rd Phase.

Kids Classes: Pukulan White Sash, Pukulan Gold Sash, and Pukulan Blue and Green Sash,

We are very happy that Megan is sharing her fitness expertise in providing consistent, gradient, and well-planned workouts and look forward to a great fall!

We have a new session of our Intro to Pukulan Kung Fu coming up soon. Check out all of our upcoming dates and sign up today!

Photo by Cyril Saulnier on Unsplash

Megan Gaddini