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Protecting our Children and Finding the Gift

The moment our child is born we begin creating safety. An environment free of sharp objects, electric outlets, hazardous staircases. An environment where our child is surrounded by thoughtful, loving, adults and children. The vigilance of parenting a newborn is exhausting, but the reward is that we feel a pretty solid sense of control over risk.

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Family Ties during the Holidays

It is the holiday season. The story of the holidays is one of love, joy, coming together and experiencing the best of being a family. How do you reconcile this story with reality if someone you love is being abused by a partner? What part do you play? How do you support the person you love? How do you protect yourself?

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One Families Pukulan Journey

“Nothing you can do is wrong.” This was one of the first things I was told when I walked into a class at One With Heart. My inner voice laughed skeptically. The concept that I could do nothing wrong was as absurd as it was revelatory. But the instructors prove it true again and again. It is not that everything I do is correct, but that there is no judgement in the Puklulan studio.

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