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Protecting our Children and Finding the Gift

The moment our child is born we begin creating safety. An environment free of sharp objects, electric outlets, hazardous staircases. An environment where our child is surrounded by thoughtful, loving, adults and children. The vigilance of parenting a newborn is exhausting, but the reward is that we feel a pretty solid sense of control over risk.

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Strong and Powerful Kids

You can never tell, in advance, who Pukulan Indonesian Martial Arts will resonate with. Fire Dragons (6-7 year old students) come in all shapes, sizes and temperaments – truly like flowers – each one unique. Our broken-mirror style is clearly visible in these beginning students. One thing they do share with each other is that first step onto the mat. For some it’s natural and confident – another group of kids; sort of done this before. For many, however, you can really feel the bravery they’ve mustered to let go of mom or dad’s hand and line up.

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