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When the Friendly Skies Turn Dangerous

How women are learning to protect ourselves from inflight assaults.
Is air travel on your vacation itinerary this summer? Last month I took a short trip to Boulder which involved four flights; every flight was over-sold and packed to capacity. As I sat, squished in my seat, exhausted and dozing off, I recalled reading an article about a woman who was sexually assaulted while asleep on a flight from Seattle to Amsterdam. I decided to catch up on my sleep after I returned home.

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Is Portland State Doing Enough to Prevent Sexual Assault?

New Survey Says 1 in 7 Female Students Assaulted 
The results of a survey published last week in The Oregonian show approximately 14 percent of women (1 in 7), and 29 percent of transgendered students in the undergraduate program at Portland State University have experienced some form of sexual assault on or off campus.

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Colleges’ Dirty Little Secret and the Politics of Silence

People are talking about sexual assault on college campuses, but are college administrations listening?  Students say that 20 percent of women and 5 percent of men are sexually assaulted while attending college.[i] Colleges, interested in preserving their image of safety, prefer to keep these claims on the down low.

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The High Price of a College Education

The price of a college education at Lewis and Clark College right now is a lot more than the cost of tuition, it is personal. The freedom and security students felt a week ago has been shaken by racist posts and threats followed by hate motivated assaults on two students in one night. They are not alone. Racist threats were made to students at Western Washington University on Yik Yak last week.

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Slaying the Monster

 For the last 20 years I have taught self-defense to women and children. Many come to class most concerned about stranger assault.  These assaults can happen and it is important to feel confident and prepared to handle them.  But the reality is most assaults are committed by someone we know. 

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Why is Ben Roethlisberger Still Playing for the NFL? And Why it Matters

In August 2014 the NFL announced a new, tougher policy on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault; a quick public relations response to the video-tape that went viral of Ray Rice assaulting his then fiancé Janay Palmer. As part of the NFL’s new commitment to address violence off the field, Commissioner Roger Goodell said “even one case of domestic or sexual violence is unacceptable.”

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