Frequently Asked Questions for the Transported After-School Program

What type of martial art is Pukulan?

Pukulan (pu’ku’lan) is an Indonesian marital art brought to the United States in 1956 by the founder of our art, Mas Guru Agung Willy Wetzel.  Pukulan is a four animal style incorporating the movement of monkey, crane, tiger and snake. Students learn self defense, learn forms that build focus, coordination and balance. Intermediate students learn to flow fight, sparring, in a compassionate and safe environment.

What's the daily schedule like?

3:00-3:45 pm Drop-off varies depending on school
Students choose between three rooms to participate:
Quiet Room - Homework, art projects, quiet space.
Active Room - Supervised active games and play.
Home Base –Social space, snack area.
3:45-4:00pm – Big group gathers for announcements, demonstrations.
4:00-5:15pm – Martial arts classes. Students split up into 3 classes based on age, experience and maturity.
5:15 – 6:00 – Parent pick up.

Do you provide time for my child to do homework?

We provide a quiet homework room before class everyday from 2:30-3:45. There is time after class during pick up time that students can also do homework.  Our instructors are excellent martial artists who leave the academics to certified teachers and tutors. 

Does my child have to have previous martial arts experience?

Beginners are welcome! We design our class curriculum on the age, ability and level experience of students. 

What is the student to instructor ratio?

On average classes are at 12:1 ratio with an assistant instructor.

Who are the instructors and what is their experience?

Our instructors are chosen for their ability to inspire and connect with student’s . We choose instructors who have years of Pukulan training and teaching experience. Instructors are required to actively train Pukulan.  All of our instructors have a passed a criminal background check.

 Does my child have to attend all 5 days?

We recommend students in the after school program attend 3-5 days a week. Our curriculum is progressive which means students who attend   3 or more days a week will get the consistency and repetition required to advance.

If my child attends only 3 days a week, do we have to pay the full monthly rate?

Our monthly rate is fixed no matter how many days your child attends. Our transportation and instructors are committed for the students who attend all 5 days.  We do not pro-rate based on days a child attends.

Do you provide lunch or snacks?

We ask that parents provide their children with a nutritious snack and refillable water bottle every day. One With Heart has snacks (kid cliff bars, fruit leathers) for purchase for families who would like to purchase a snack card.

What happens if school is cancelled or let out early due to weather?

One With Heart follows Portland Public Schools call on inclement weather. If school is cancelled or let out early we will not hold The After School Program that day. It will be TBD for other evening kids classes.