Hati Hati Healing

Hati Hati Healing
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Hati in Bahasa Indonesia means literally: "heart.” Hati Hati means “take care” or "watch your heart." Pukulan teaches that the body has a natural propensity to healing. Hati Hati is the healing side of our art that uses ilmu, or internal energy, for healing.

How does Hati Hati energy healing work?

In Hati Hati, we work with the body’s natural energy to restore balance. Just like we use ilmu in fighting, we use the same ilmu for healing.

We believe there is an energy field around the body. Injuries, trauma, and even things people have said to you, can attach to your energy field and impact your health and well-being. In an energy healing session, anything that no longer serves your highest good is removed. Hati Hati healing can help with healing injuries and chronic conditions, habit conversion, resolving emotional challenges, healing from trauma, and releasing stress.

How does a session go?

You are seated and comfortable. We will talk about what is happening and what is holding you back. Then we start the energy work, ending with a visualization that you can use for yourself.

A session takes 20 – 50 minutes. 

Is this therapy?
No, this is not therapy. Energy healing can work very well alongside therapy, or as a follow up.  Sometimes when very old things are at work, it can be like peeling layers off an onion, and you may want to come for a few follow up visits. Some people come once a year, others come several times a year.

Is it like message?
No. There is no touch involved and you remain fully clothed.

 What does it cost? 
A session is $100.  One with Heart members pay $80.