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Intro to Pukulan Kung Fu





3 Weeks of Training for Only $79 - $99


Students in the Intro to Pukulan Kung Fu course focus on strength and conditioning followed by stance work and striking to pads. These are the foundations of self-defense. Students train applied self-defense moves practiced in many different scenarios.



Hawthorne Location:

MondayWednesday (evenings 6:30 - 7:30pm)
AND Saturday (mornings 11am - 12:30pm)

— OR —

TuesdayThursday (mornings 11:30am - 12:30pm)
AND Saturday (mornings 11am - 12:30pm)

St Johns Location:

Monday and Wednesday (evenings 7 - 8pm)

New sessions start every three weeks.


Hawthorne Location:

$99 for 3 weeks (9 sessions)
Our Intro to Pukulan Kung Fu program at our Hawthorne location also includes access to our Muay Thai Kickboxing classes on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. (T/TH 9:30 - 10:30am)

St Johns Location:

$79 for 3 weeks (6 sessions)


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A path to the future

Intermediate students move into the Pukulan system of Silat. In this phase of training, students practice forms to instill a library of movement with applications. We also introduce the animal styles of monkey, tiger, crane, and snake- each having it's own characteristic movement and attitude. In more advanced training, the practitioners integrate the physical and mental techniques in free flow fighting.