Founder and Director of One with Heart
Janesa Kruse is martial artist and teacher known for her passion, talent and strength. For 30 years she has remained active in training, fighting and teaching. Janesa began her martial arts training at age 21. In 1980-81 she was rated among the top 10 Women Fighters in national point fighting by Karate Kung Fu Illustrated. 

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Shaolin Kung Fu Instructor
David Tircuit brings a lifetime of experience in Chinese healing and fighting arts to One with Heart. With over 25 years of training in Tai Chi, Xing Yi Quan, Qi Gong, and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, David challenges and inspires new and advanced students alike. 

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Muay Thai Kickboxing Instructor

Keeley Love is originally from Columbia Falls, MT. She found her way to Portland after living in several other cities during her lifelong career as a professional ballerina and ballet instructor. 

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keeleyTim Cranekeeley

Kids Program Coordinator
Danielle loves “ah-ha moments” when a child suddenly lets go of thought and moves with his or her own unique grace and beauty. She has an exceptional ability to be at once animated and focused, energetic and calm, demanding and compassionate, and this serves her well in her role as the Kids Program Coordinator. 

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Intro to Pukulan Kung Fu Instructor
How did you get started training Pukulan?

I needed a gym class to graduate from college nearly twenty years ago.

What inspires you about teaching?
It’s always great to be reminded how deep the well of our art goes.

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Women's Self-Defense Coordinator
How did you first find Pukulan?
When I moved to Portland I serendipitously lived just a few doors down from One with Heart.  Although I walked past the studio nearly every day, I don’t remember ever ‘planning’ to start training.

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Instructor at One With Heart and One With Heart St Johns
On a sunny Portland day, you might find Kyle under a tree playing a banjo. Then again, you might find him at One with Heart, training or teaching.

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Hati Hati Healing Practitioner
Marian began her Pukulan training in the Netherlands and in the 1980s she started a Pukulan school in Amsterdam.  In 1992 she moved to Portland where she continues to help Janesa run One with Heart.

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