Kids Program Coordinator
Danielle loves “ah-ha moments” when a child suddenly lets go of thought and moves with his or her own unique grace and beauty. She has an exceptional ability to be at once animated and focused, energetic and calm, demanding and compassionate, and this serves her well in her role as the Kids Program Coordinator. A fifth degree black belt, Danielle teaches at both our St. Johns and Hawthorne locations and has daughter with whom she loves training.

How did you first find Pukulan?
I came in for a women’s self defense class. While I was waiting in the viewing area for our class, I was watching Pukulan Kuntao class. There was a small woman flipping this enormous guy, doing gun holds. I had an immediate connection and thought, “If she can do it, I can do it!”

What inspires you?
I am inspired by the joy kids bring to their training every day and seeing the potential in each child I teach.

What is your favorite Kung Fu movie and why?
Enter the Dragon, duh! My Dad and I watched martial arts movies together…still do. Why? Are you kidding me? It’s Bruce Lee!