Mas Guru Agung Janesa Kruse

Founder and Director of One with Heart

Janesa Kruse is martial artist and teacher known for her passion, talent and strength. For 30 years she has remained active in training, fighting and teaching. Janesa began her martial arts training at age 21. In 1980-81 she was rated among the top 10 Women Fighters in national point fighting by Karate Kung Fu Illustrated. She was the first woman to fight in the Northwest region in the men’s black belt division for overall grand champion and team fighting. Janesa is thankful to have had the opportunity to fight with the best of her time, earning the respect of her peers. Seeking to better herself and find a true art, she trained with a few exceptional martial artists including Professor Remy Presas founder of Modern Arnis.

During the 1980’s Janesa was a trainer at the National Women’s Martial Arts Federation camp when she discovered Pukulan. She was so inspired by Pukulan’s beauty, purity and depth that she chose to devote herself completely to training and teaching Pukulan. In 1981 she opened her first school, Women with Heart Fighting Arts, on N. Williams in Portland, Oregon. She helped marian van leeuwen start a Pukulan school in Amsterdam, which today is run by her students in Holland.

Janesa partnered with women in Holland to develop women’s self-defense trainings. She has taught internationally and locally and has worked with Adult and Family Services, colleges, business, and non-profits to bring self-defense training to women and children throughout Oregon.

In 1984 Janesa changed her school’s name to One with Heart and moved it to S.E. Hawthorne. In 2008 she acquired a second school in Portland in the St. Johns area. At both locations she provides high quality, authentic martial arts and fitness training in an atmosphere of mutual respect. Janesa is a creative, knowledgeable teacher who sees the highest potential in every person and has an intuitive ability to guide her students to achieve more than they thought possible. She teaches through the example of her life. Her commitment to her art and to the empowerment of all people inspires her students to find the best in themselves and in others.