Hati Hati Healing Practitioner

Marian began her Pukulan training in the Netherlands and in the 1980s she started a Pukulan school in Amsterdam.  In 1992 she moved to Portland where she continues to help Janesa run One with Heart. marian is a sixth-degree black belt dedicated to bring healing and peace to the world one person at a time through Pukulan Energy Healing, also known as hati hati. When she’s not making the world a better place with the healing aspects of Pukulan, you may see her zipping by you in a lap pool or on her way up Mount Tabor as she trains for her next triathlon.

How does Pukulan influence your life?
It helps me accomplish my personal best in many ways. Right now, I’m training to compete in a half Ironman, and I call upon my Pukulan experience all the time. Pukulan taught me how to train, it taught me motivation, self-discipline, and how to stay on track. And when it hurts I remember my Pukulan meditation–‘I am love, I am joy.’ This helps me to relax into it, and then the hurt spot is gone.

What’s something not everybody knows about you?
I love knitting things for my friends!