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KIDS PUKULAN Kung Fu (Ages 6 - 12)

Your child will have fun, get fit, and learn valuable self-defense skills in our Pukulan classes! They will love punching, kicking, falling, rolling, tumbling, and moving like Pukulan’s monkey, tiger, snake, and crane. Kids gain self-control, patience, and confidence along the way.

Your child’s training begins in Kuntao, or basic self-defense. In this inclusive and age appropriate environment, kids learn the structure of our classes, develop respect for self and others, and learn basic forms and self-defense techniques. After completing Kuntao, which takes six months to a year,  your child is promoted to White Sash and the next level of training. Here they learn more advanced movements and continue to develop self-reliance, focus, and leadership skills. In intermediate training students learn the fighting applications to their movement and begin light sparring with protective equipment. We celebrate students progress as they test for the ranks of gold, blue, green and brown sash up to the rank of black belt and beyond.

Intros are 2 weeks long, 2 classes per week, and start at the beginning of every month. 

Next Intro Start Dates: 
April 1st (M/W) and 2nd (T/TH)
May 6th (M/W) and 7th(T/TH)

Intros are based on availability within the class. If the class you are interested in is waitlisted, we will contact you and put your child on the waitlist, for the first month there is space available.

Rates After Intro:

$159/month with an annual agreement. Cancelation on 60 day notice. You receive two classes per week with this membership.

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Intro to Kids Pukulan- SE Hawthorne Location
Age and Schedule:
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Little Monkeys (Ages 3 - 5)

Beginning Martial Arts For Boys and Girls.

Little Monkeys is a high-energy, non-competitive outlet for small children to do what they do best–play! Guided by patient, expert instructors, your Little Monkey will revel in the joy of movement while developing balance, coordination, strength, and awesome moves in a safe and cooperative atmosphere. For girls and boys ages three to five. Schedule a time to observe the Little Monkeys in action. New students are always welcome!

$69 per month, one class per week
First and last month’s tuition and price of uniform ($33) is due at time of enrollment for a total of $171.

Start Anytime!

Schedule on Saturdays:

  • Little Monkeys Level 1 - 9:15 – 10:00 a.m. FULL (Call OWH to be put on waitlist)

  • Little Monkeys Level 2 - 10:15 – 11:00 a.m.

  • Little Monkeys Level 1 - 11:15 - 12:00 p.m. FULL (Call OWH to be put on waitlist)

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Little Monkeys Ages 3-5

Little Monkeys