Kids Program: Focus: Crane - legs, core and jumping Week 1: Sept 3 - 8

Day 1

Kids Pukulan: 10 min

AMRAP in 6 minutes
5 Squats
7 Burpees
9 Sit-ups

Notes: As many rounds as possible (AMRAP)


Video Demos:

*Weight in heels. Hip crease below parallel. Knees out. Chest up. 

*Lay down on the ground, jump up onto feet - try jumping up flat footed, not landing on toes. Land in a wider stance if they are coming up on toes. Jump up and clap at the top. 


*Butterfly position, hands touch behind head on ground, swing arms and touch toes at top. 

Day 2

Kids Pukulan: 10 min

5 Rounds for Time:
20 flutter kicks
30 sec plank
10 single-leg jump-overs

8 min time cap

Notes: Plank on forearms or hands- dealers choice

Modifications: Two leg jump-overs instead of 1
Tuck hold instead of plank hold

Jump-overs Description (no video): stick or line on ground, hop over with 1 leg.
Switch legs halfway through

Video Demos:

*Head and shoulders off the ground. Legs stay straight. Kicks should be close to the ground but feet should not touch the ground when kicking. 

*Tuck hold to be used if people have a shoulder or foot injury and can't do plank. To make it more difficult, extend legs or extend legs and arms over head.