Kids Program: Focus: Crane - legs, core and jumping Week 3: Sept 17 - 22

Day 1

Kids Pukulan: 10 min

AMRAP 7 min
6 Squats
8 Push-ups
10 Box Jumps

Notes: As Many Rounds As Possible

Modifications: Box push-up (no knee push-ups). Step-ups instead of box jumps

Video Demos:

**Step-up video shows with weight, use without weight. 

Day 2

Kids Pukulan: 15 min

3 rounds, 1 min each station
Angry Gorilla (Deadlift)
Rest 1 min between rounds

Notes:  Angry Gorilla without weight until they have good form. If they have good form,
they can pick up a medball or light kettlebell. Kids can start at whatever station, just go in order from there.  

Video Demos:

Straight back, neutral neck, point toe back. Small bend in the knee. Video shows him using two kettlebells, only use one. Set on the outside of foot on ground. Keep hips squared to the ground.

*Make sure knees are pointed out. Don't let knees go past toes when lunging. Have them take a bigger step to fix problem.