Kids Program: Focus: Tiger - full body Week 13: August 27 - September 1

Day 1

Kids Pukulan: 10 min

Game: Rocket launcher


Kids form and circle around the rocket launcher. Trainer chooses series of exercises to perform and upon
completion. Kids race to center to step on the launcher. Examples of exercises to perform:
10 burpees, 5 good squats, 5 perfect push-ups, flutter kicks,
mountain climbers, 5 burpees then monkey to designated area and back. Be creative!


Video Demos:

No Demo


Day 2

Kids Pukulan: 10 min



4 rounds each- 20 seconds of work, 10 seconds of rest.

Do all 8 rounds of 1 movement before you move

to next movement. Each round is 2 minutes

Video Demos: