Kids Program: Focus: Tiger - full body Week 9: July 30 - August 4

Day 1

Kids Pukulan: 10 min

Game: Farmers and Lumberjacks


Grab all of the foam rollers in each room. Put them around the room (end facing up)

Foam rollers are trees. Farmers want to keep them up Lumberjacks want to take them down.

Split class in half and half are lumberjacks and half are farmers.

Perform game 2-4 times. 2-3 minutes per game. Switching rolls each time. 

**Don't have the lumberjacks taking down the trees and 

throwing them all over the place. Gently tap them down. 

Video Demos:

No demo


Day 2

Kids Pukulan: 10 min

3 Rounds:

30 Single-unders

10 Broad Jumps

10 Burpees

Video Demos: