Kids Program: Focus: Crane - legs, core and jumping Week 10: November 5 - 10

Day 1

Kids Pukulan: 10 min

5 Rounds for Time:
20 flutter kicks
30 sec plank
10 single-leg jump-overs

8 min time cap

Plank on forearms or hands- dealers choice. 

Jump-overs: stick or line on ground, hop over with 1 leg. Switch legs halfway through.

Two leg jump-overs instead of 1. Tuck hold instead of plank hold.

Video Demos:


Day 2

Kids Pukulan: 10 min

AMRAP 3 min
5 Angry Gorilla
5 Burpees

Rest 2 min

AMRAP 3 min
10 Broad Jumps
10 Sit-ups

For the Angry Gorilla, kids may use small weights (balls or dumbbell) if they can show great form throughout workout. 

Video Demos: