Our Story


One With Heart got its start way back in the 70’s when our founder Mas Guru Agung Janesa Kruse decided to learn self-defense to gain freedom to be who she was in the world and to be safe doing whatever she wanted in life. That led to a lifetime of martial arts training, a top ten ranking as a fighter with victories in the men’s division, and in 1981 to opening her own school. Her vision from the start was to teach effective, easy to learn self-defense. Along the way she gained deep knowledge of the special challenges women face in the world and what we can do about it.

At the same time she embraced creative side of martial arts, training in the beautifully expressive Indonesian art of Pukulan Silat with its primal energy and its sophisticated movement of animal styles. Throughout the years she had opportunity to experience training with many wonderful and accomplished martial artists such as the Filipino Grandmaster Remy Presas.  And we continue to revitalize the art of Pukulan Kun Tao Silat with ongoing explorations in the broader martial arts world with the support of expert teachers in the arts of Filipino Escrima, Kun Tao and Northern Shaolin Kung Fu. Today a vibrant community of practitioners of all ages and backgrounds work to grow Pukulan Kun Tao Silat and women’s self defense.

At One with Heart we support the right of everyone to defend themselves. We believe in continuous development, which means exploration of both the inner self and ways of self-expression through movement. These are the things that put the Art in the term Martial Arts.