Kung Fu Summer Camp – Frequently Asked Questions

What type of martial art is Pukulan Kung Fu?

Pukulan (pu’ku’lan) is an Indonesian martial art that incorporates the movement of 4 animals; monkey, crane, tiger and snake. Students build focus, balance and coordination through fun kung fu exercises, pad drills, forms and games.

Do kids do martial arts all day?

Kids have 3 martial arts workouts with many small breaks in between. Daily trips to local parks for outdoor training and play, art projects, story telling, nature sketching all create the perfect balance for a great camp experience.

What to bring to camp?

  • Backpack – Please provide your child with a backpack that zips or cinches closed to put all personal items.
  • Clothes – Students wear sweatpants or leggings that cover their knees and the camp t-shirt. (camp t-shirt ) included in the cost of camp.
  • Sack lunch – Please pack a big lunch with lots of snacks.
  • Water bottle – No glass containers.
  • Sunscreen 
  • Park clothes– Daily training and play outside requires layers of clothing. Closed toe shoes, hat and rain jackets are all great for Oregon weather. We will go to the park even when it is lightly raining.

*Please write your child’s name on all items brought to camp, including their camp t-shirt.

*No electronics are allowed at camp. Books and art supplies are welcome.

Does my child have to have previous martial arts experience?

Beginners are welcome! Our camp curriculum is based on age, ability and level of experience. Kung Fu Summer Camps are a great place to start training.

What is the student to instructor ratio?

Our average class size is 12:1 ratio with an assistant instructor.

Who are the instructors and what is their experience?

Our instructors are chosen for their ability to inspire and connect with students. We choose instructors who have years of martial arts training and teaching experience. Instructors are all actively training.  All of our instructors have passed a criminal background check. 

Summer Camp Cancellation and Refund Policy

30 day notice: Full refund or transfer to another date.
3 weeks or less before camp date: Transfer credit to another date. No refund.
Less than 48 hours notice: no transfer of credit, no refund

**All of these policies apply to the Transported After School Program annual membership vouchers.

Medical Needs

If your child has any medical needs or uses any medication that we need to be aware of please let us know in advance. Please provide us with a written note detailing how to distribute any type of medications for your child.


If your child has allergies, medical concerns or medications to be taken during camp we require parents to provide a written and signed explanation of care procedures along with contacting the camp coordinator before the first day of camp.

Behavior Policy

We intend for every child to have a safe and fun camp experience. If a child is having challenges following the camp rules, is being consistently unsafe or disruptive, we will call home for pick up. There is not a camp refund when a child is asked to leave camp.

Contact our Kids Program Coordinator with any questions. danielle@onewithheart.com

* SCHEDULE IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE. We do not offer single days for purchase in our weeklong summer camps.