Self-Defense Waiver

If you are signing up more than one person, we must get their name, EMAIL and birthday also. 

Step 1 - Contact Information

Birthdate *
List primary contact's phone numbers.
Home Address *
Home Address
Emergency Contact Phone Number *
Emergency Contact Phone Number
Physical History
Before you take your first class, we ask that you complete some brief health information, so that we can know if you have any special needs. If you are over 69 years of age and/or you are not used to being active, check with your doctor.
Do you have any physical or mental disabilities or challenges that might affect your exercising? *
Through your own experience or a doctor's advice, is there any reason you shouldn't exercise? *
If you answered YES to one or more questions, you should consult your doctor before becoming more physically active.
Do you have any injuries that you would like to disclose? *
In consideration of your acceptance of this form, I for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, forever waive, release and discharge any and all rights, claims for damages, unknown, that I may have against ONE WITH HEART, their employees, members, or instructors, for any and all injuries in any manner arising or resulting from my participation in classes. I attest and verify that I have full knowledge of the risks involved in any martial arts, weights, exercise, and fitness programs and that I freely and voluntarily assume those risks as incident to participation, and that I will assume and pay my own medical and emergency expenses in the event of accident, illness, or other incapacity, regardless of whether I have authorized such expenses, and that I am medically and physically fit and able to participate in classes. I also give consent to ONE WITH HEART, its owner, teachers, employees, and other students to give minor emergency first aid and/or advice to me. I hereby release claims I have towards them for giving me such treatment. All dues and payments for classes are nonrefundable and non-transferable. One With Heart has the right to cancel classes and workshops due to inclement weather for the safety of One With Hearts members. Refunds will be given for workshops but no prorates for on-going classes. I give ONE WITH HEART permission to use any photos/videos taken of me for publicity.
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Is it okay to contact you through text message? *
(OWH will only contact you once through text message right after Fierce and Fearless - this is not ongoing)
**One With Heart needs every participants email address (unless the participant is under the age of 18). We need to be able to email an individual waiver to everyone that is taking a Fierce and Fearless class and they cannot take the class unless it is filled out. Please fill out the correct email above under their names so we can correctly contact them. Thank you.