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When you walk through our door, you will be welcomed by a diverse community of people who strive to be forces of good in the world while having fun, getting fit, and learning valuable skills. You will see people practicing Indonesian martial arts, executing the graceful moves of a Shaolin practitioner, or wielding traditional Chinese weapons. But no matter what our individual practice looks like, we all believe that Compassionate Balanced Action can help us bring wholeness to ourselves, our community, and the world. Welcome to our school. We are One with Heart.








Move through the world with confidence and clarity by training at One With Heart! Our martial arts classes will teach you practical self-defense skills and fighting techniques. Certified trainers will help you gain confidence and peace of mind in supportive, empowering women's self defense classes. Our internal arts and other wellness programs will bring balance to your practice and your life. Your kids will love training here too! The whole family will benefit from the fun, fitness, focus and confidence your children cultivate in our award-winning kids classes, camps and after school programs. Get started now!


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Voted #1 martial arts school 2017 from Willamette Weekly